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Hobart’s best private gym for people new to exercise or returning after a long break, get in contact now to book a free private session and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.  
We are certified NDIS Providers, reach out now to learn more.

We have the solution you need

Varied Sessions Types

Varied and fun group sessions that maximise results and cater for any level of fitness. Have an injury? No worries we will adjust things to suit your capabilities.

Private gym

If you hate the idea of stepping into a commercial gym, this is the place for you. We are open by appointment only, all sessions are just you and your trainer.

Full Solution

We are about the full solution, we will help you with rehab, mobility, corrective exercise, postural correction, fitness, weight management, performance, mindset and of course nutrition. No matter where you are now, we have the tools to get you where you want to be.

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Free dtpt Cookbook

Click here to get your free DTPT approved cookbook, all meals in here are tasty, healthy options and come with the calorie intake information you need to keep on track for your goals.